2020 Board Members

Government: The Harrisonburg Farmers Market Association (HFMA) was incorporated in 1994.  Membership is automatic upon approval of the yearly application to sell and receipt of the annual fee. A board of directors, elected yearly for staggered two year terms, operates the association. An annual meeting is held in January, including a potluck dinner,  the annual reports, items requiring a member vote and the election of new board members. The board selects the new officers at the first meeting of the new year.  The Market manager is responsible for day-to-day details and answers directly to the board.  Your input is desired and welcome.  Please feel free to contact any board member or Market management with any suggestions, questions or concerns that you might have.   

Kevin Fox

540 421 1150

Jennifer Bell

540 421 9609

Grant Bentz

540 560 2939 

Mike Hott

540 383 3323 

Heather Benin

540 290 7323 

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Mary Jo Swartzendruber

540 908 5819

Curtis Yankey

540 331 8343

Evan Bullard

860 306 3736 

Elaine Nolt

540 820 6494 

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