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Availability: Year round, except strawberries.

About Us: We started selling at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market in spring of 2009, with strawberries and jellies, jam and baked goods. Most of our products got their start from customer feedback. If you would like to have something available at the Market, or you are interested in other varieties of strawberries (such as Camarosa or Honeybee), please talk to us. You can also email us orders at; please email by Thursday for all orders.

Farming practices & philosophy: Harlan was interested in raising vegetables and selling them at the Market until Gayle discovered her talent in baking. Now she wants to start a bakery. We currently operate out of our house. We have 4,000 strawberries for the 2011 season, including Chandler variety and also some of the Sweet Charlie variety; our strawberry jam is made from our own berries.


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