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Availability: May through October.

About Us: We began planting our orchard in 2005. Our fruits include over 30 varieties of both peaches and apples, 10 varieties of plums and pears, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. 2008 will be our first season to crop our fruits. We hope to become full-time farmers by 2009 and provide our community with high-quality local fruit.

Farming practices and philosophy: We use the integrated pest management program for our spray guide, using the lowest rate possible and extending the pre-harvest interval when we can. Leaf and soil analysis are used to determine fertilizer needs, using natural fertilizer products whenever possible. Our dogs are keeping the deer, groundhogs and rabbits under control. We hope to teach them to run the crow from the orchard as they are our most damaging pest. We hope to see you at the Market.

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