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Availability: Our cheeses are mainly available during “market season,” which is April through  October at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. We will accept special orders for the soft cheeses during the winter months. Our  soft cheeses are also available at the Market in Woodstock and North Mountain Vineyard year round.

About Us: We are located in the “Heart of the Shenandoah Valley” where we raise our purebred Nubian “girls,” which are very spoiled. Our babies are bottle raised so they make great pets. Our “girls” are milked twice a day and are fed orchard grass/alfalfa hay and grain feed, which we mix ourselves. Our cheeses are all natural with no preservatives being used. We are licensed and permitted by the Department of Agriculture.

Besides the goats, we also raise purebred Black Angus cattle that Loren and Mary enjoy showing at local, state and regional beef shows. We have also added two young Llamas to our family this winter which we greatly enjoy!

Farming practices and philosophy: We are a simple farm and try to be as conservative as possible. We have a love for our animals and our land and treat both with great respect. Our farm is a “family affair” with all four of us sharing in the responsibilities.

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