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Farming Practices and Philosophy: Our heritage breeding herds of cattle, hogs, and goats, move through a rotational grazing sequence of over 12 paddocks. A diverse blend of grasses and trees grow in these pastures which range up to 10 acres in size. This allows us to mob graze in the spring and stockpile graze in the winter. We grow and bale hay and alfalfa as well as non-GMO field corn to grind into custom feed rations. We maintain a compost operation where we combine manure with bio-char and other bio-mass to create fertile garden grade topsoil. We use this soil along with key line plowing to improve soil quality. We hope to continually improve the productivity and efficiency of our family's farm while at the same time creating an agricultural ecosystem that sustains the highest diversity of healthy plants and animals for contribution to the local food supply. 

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