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About Us: Farming is a lifestyle choice and more than full time for Lorinda. In addition to working on the farm, Solly has been doing  massage work for 28 years.  As Solly does in his bodywork, we look for imbalances in the farm, animals, plants, or soil and use gentle natural means to hold the right balance long enough for growth itself to re establish harmony.

Farming practices and philosophy: At Avalon Acres you will find herbs, flowers, berries, and vegetables interspersed in enclosed gardens. This 17 acres with a creek flowing through, is home to a small flock of sheep, two livestock guard dogs, some chickens, numerous songbirds, other wild creatures, and us. We have been selling at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market since 1997. We use our own compost and biochar plus rock powders, hand-pick problem insects and plant to attract beneficials. No herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers have been used for over 25 years. We take care of the soil and the microbes aid our plants.

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