About Us: Farming is a lifestyle choice and more than full time for Lorinda. In addition to working on the farm, Solly has been doing  massage work for 28 years.  As Solly does in his bodywork, we look for imbalances in the farm, animals, plants, or soil and use gentle natural means to hold the right balance long enough for growth itself to re establish harmony.

Farming practices and philosophy: For 15 years Avalon has been lovingly tended using nature’s own processes to revitalize the soil – composted plant matter and manures, mulching, natural soil supplements, plant rotation, companion planting and cover crops. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used.

Our lambs are pasture-raised. We don’t rush their growth, use herbal/natural wormers, and take them directly to a meat processor on the morning they are butchered for a minimum of stress. Stress can put distasteful hormones into the meat. Sheep are an integral part of our farm as ecological mowers and fertilizers. We keep just enough sheep to be in balance with the rotated pasture.

Chickens are part of the overall plan also. They get all the weedings and kitchen scraps, insect pests hand-picked from the gardens, plus all they can gather when free-ranging the pasture in the afternoons. The poultry also have organic grain feed available with herbs and kelp added to winter rations. They produce bright-yoked eggs.

Bringing health to the soil and water, contentment to the animals and birds who share our lives, vitality to our food, freedom from pain for our bodies, and joy for our spirits – it is all part of Avalon dreams becoming reality.

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