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About Us: Curt and Jackie Hartman have lived west of Bridgewater on the hill above Jordan Stretch since 1995.  With their friends Phil and Lois Kreider (Misty Ray Winery), they began planting grapes on the hill in 2003 to make wine for personal use.  In 2007 they decided to make the vineyard a business and with advice from the researchers at Virginia Tech they laid out the vineyard, tested the soils, and chose the grapes to plant.

With the help of friends and family, four thousand red grape vines were planted on the south side of the hill in 2008.  During that time a vineyard crew consisting of Lee Hartman and Ben Geiser was formed, and during the winter of 2009 they laid out the north and east side of the hill for white grape vines and built the trellis system.  In the spring they planted four thousand more vines.

The 2009 wines were hand pressed in a temporary winery on the north side of their house.  The total production that year was about 500 cases.  In 2010 the winery was built and an additional 1,000 vines were added on the west side of the hill.  Using new equipment in the larger winery, Bluestone Vineyard processed 31 tons of grapes and made about 2,000 cases of wine.

Today’s production is about 5,000 cases.  Our two consultants who are very important and helping us today are, Jeanette Smith for vineyard management and Michael Shaps for wine making.

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