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Availability: Farmers Market: Saturday April-November; On Farm: year round if available.

About Us: Family operated farm committed to sustainable agriculture principles and local  marketing. Member of Virginia Association of Biological Farmers. Community Supported Agriculture shares available by  signup in late winter.

Farming practices and philosophy: 1) Minimal use of toxic chemicals for pest control. 2) Use of animal manures, compost, organic mulches and plowed-down cover crops as primary means to maintain soil fertility. 3) Limited use of purchased organic and chemical fertilizers for starting plants, transplanting and side dressing field crops. 4) Strip cropping and contour tillage to conserve water and to prevent soil erosion. 5) Crop rotation to control pests and plant diseases. 6) Mechanical cultivation, hand weeding, flaming and use of plastic and organic mulches to control weeds. 7) Livestock and poultry kept on clean pastures.

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