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Availability: Blueberries: about 5 weeks in June & July. Summer vegetables: July – August. Concord-type grapes: late August – late September. Fall vegetables: late August – November.

About Us: Hickory Hill Farm is operated by the Johnson family (Samuel, Margaret, Bart and Hannah) and Grant Bentz. Samuel helped to start the Harrisonburg Farmers Market in 1979 and served as it’s first market manager. Grant regularly represents us at the Market, assisted by his wife Crystal and members of the Johnson family. Stop by our stand and introduce yourself and see what we have to offer for your weekly food shopping or your bulk food preservation. Celebrating over 35 years of living  and farming near Keezletown, VA, next to Massanutten Mountain!

Farming practices and philosophy: We strive for a sustainable approach to agriculture. We try to minimize the use of sprays on  the produce we sell and to use materials that are safer for ourselves, our customers and the environment. Specifically, our  goals are to use: no spray on the blueberries, fewer and safer sprays on grapes, and biological sprays on vegetables. We believe in local production for local demand, and direct marketing of farm products to local consumers. We applaud the Harrisonburg Farmers Market, a producer-operated market, for it’s more than 30 years of service to local producers and consumers!

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