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Availability: Tuesdays and Saturdays depending on availability of products.

About Us: After retiring, we were fortunate to find a small farm located on a ridge in the Port Republic area. We are constantly amazed to be able to look at the Blue Ridge Mountains while taking care of our plants. We are committed to being good stewards of the land.

Farming practices and philosophy: Port Farm uses cover crops of annual rye and clover to help prevent erosion, reduce weed growth and provide organic matter for crop production. Clover captures nitrogen from the atmosphere and releases it in the ground as the plant dies, resulting in less requirements for fossil fuel-based synthetic fertilizers. Green mulch of clover and orchard grass are placed around crop plants to help control weeds and retain moisture. As the green mulch decays, it provides organic nutrients to enrich the soil for plant growth. Annual rye grass is also used as a protective border around crop plants to help protect young, tender plants from wind damage. Safe and approved herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers are used only as a last resort. Wood from Appalachian trees is used as much as possible for wood turnings.

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