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Spring Roll made by Kate Hinderer with Abundant Life Kitchen at the Harrisonburg Farmers' Market. Made with red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and a sesame-peanut sauce.

Abundant Life Kitchen

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Kate Hinderer

Abundant Life Kitchen is a Shenandoah Valley based business specializing in raw, vegan, and gluten-free foods made from local and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Products: Salads, Wraps, Energy Bites, Granola, Cheezecakes, Hummus, Soups, Sauces, Potato Salad

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays 


Agape Mycology

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Eric Fisher

Agape Mycology is a local farm specializing in high- quality medicinal mushroom extracts and gourmet edible fresh and dried mushrooms.

Products: Medicinal Dual Mushroom Extracts 

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round


Apage Mycology Logo by Eric Fisher.
Apalache Chocolate logo, owned by Matthew Sibley


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Matt Sibley

Apalache Chocolate makes artisan chocolate bars from bean to bar with creative flavor combinations. Their chocolate bars are made from scratch starting with organic, ethically-sourced cacao nibs from cooperative farms in Perú. The nibs are then toasted and ground before the chocolate is hand tempered, molded and wrapped.

Products: Chocolate bars (61%,71%, and 80% dark, ghost pepper, orange, lemon cardamom, turmeric coconut, earl grey blueberry, vanilla sea salt, cinnamon and more!)

Availability:Tuesdays & Saturdays Year- Round


Avalon Acres

Lorinda and Solly Palin 

Broadway, VA 

At Avalon Acres, Solly and Lorinda tend 17 acres with one acre in cultivation for the vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers they sell at the HFM. They use regenerative, hand till, companion planting, natural mulch, all natural practices. They make their own compost and biochar. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used for over 27 years.

Products: Salad mix, greens, seasonal produce, eggs, floral bouquets, and a variety of herbal teas, rubs, and tinctures.


Availability: April through first Saturday in December 

Contact Via Email

Avalon Acres Farm sign, owned by Lorinda and Solly Palin
PorkStork logo, Pork Stork, owned by Frauke Bruns and operated by Doug Zemanek

Basel LLC/PorkStork

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Frauke Bruns & Doug Zemanek

Basel LLC/PorkStork sells pork and beef raised by neighborhood farmers following  ethical and humane welfare standards.

Products: Pork chops, shoulder roast, ribs, pork belly, 15 different sausage flavors and 4 different kinds of bacon.

Availability: Saturdays Year-Round

(862) 377-4761

Bluestone Vineyard

Terry Tucker

Bluestone Vineyards is a family-owned Virginia Farm Winery that grows and produces wines here in Rockingham County.

Products: A wide variety of bottled and canned wines.

Availability: Saturdays Regular & Holiday Seasons


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Bluestone Vineyard, owned by Terry Tucker
BMC Bakes owned by Sarah Baker-McEvilly, Gluten-Free Bakery Harrisonburg, VA

BMC Bakes

Sarah Baker-McEvilly

BMC Bakes is a gluten free bakery striving to provide a trendy approach to allergy friendly treats. While everything is gluten free, they often accommodate dairy allergies, nut allergies, soy allergies, and veganism.

ProductsAllergen-friendly baked goods such as macarons, donut, cakes, and more.

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round

(302) 535-5934

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Branch's Soft Serve Ice Cream

Janice Branch

Branch's Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck is a woman-owned business specializing in homemade soft serve ice cream.

Products: Homemade soft serve ice cream, milkshakes & dark chocolate brownie sundaes.

Availability: Tuesdays

(540) 209-7300

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Branch's Soft Serve Ice Cream Logo, Branchs, owned by Janice Branch, soft serve ice cream Harrisonburg, VA
Bruce's Syrups and Candies, maple syrup harrisonburg, va

Bruce's Syrups and Candies

Bruce Folks

Blue Grass, VA 

Bruce's Syrup and Candies are locally-made maple products produced from maple trees owned by the Folks family for generations in the Blue Grass Valley of Highland County, Virginia. 

ProductsMaple Syrup, maple products, fudges, pies, cakes, cookies, brownies and more. They welcome special requests, bulk, and pre-orders.

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Regular & Holiday Seasons 


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Burton Photography

Kyle Anne Burton

Burton Photography features Virginia's past and present, presented in antique wooden window frames. If you are looking for the most interesting photographs in the area, they have it.

Products: Framed, artistic photography prints.

Availability: : Saturdays Regular Season


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Burton Photography owned by Kyle Ann Burton harrisonburg, va
Calixto Farm logo, owned by Jose Calixto harrisonburg, va

Calixto Farm

Jose Calixto


Calixto Farm is run by the Calixto family, who have been planting and harvesting produce in Augusta County for more than 15 years.

Products: Seasonal produce and ready to plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Availability: Saturdays Regular Season

(540) 849-9452

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Crazy Fox Coffee Roasting Co.

Kevin Fox


Crazy Fox Coffee Roasting Co. roasts organic and ethically sourced coffee in the Shenandoah Valley.

Products: Coffee by the bag, fresh brewed coffee, and cold brew coffee (May-October)

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round

(540) 421-1150

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Crazy Fox Coffee Roasting Company owned by Kevin Fox harrisonburg, va
Deviant Kreations, owned by Dandy Knopf ad Phoenix Flaxman harrisonburg, va

Deviant Kreations

Dandy Knopf and Phoenix Flaxman

Deviant Kreations is a neurodivergent and queer-owned art boutique founded by Dandy Knopf in 2020 and co-owned by Phoenix Flaxman. Focused on making a change, Deviant Kreations is rooted in intersectionality, mental health awareness, human rights, and the support of other marginalized communities. They strive to provide access to art that is as unique as their customers.

Products: Art prints, vinyl stickers, magnets, handmade jewelry, plushies, and so much more!

Availability: Saturdays Regular & Holidays Seasons


(757) 753-8749

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John Clagett

Virginia's first Organic Orchard and Farmstead.

Products: Organic produce picked at the height of nutrition

Availability: Saturdays May through December

(540) 474-2182

Fin Irene Farm owned by John Clagett harrisonburg, va. Virginia's first organic orchard and farmstead
Flannel Firefly owned by Quillon Hall harrisonburg, va. Soy Wax candles

Flannel Firefly

Quillon Hall

Flannel Firefly only uses American-made products for materials (wax, tins, and fragrances). Quillon makes the labels by carving blocks of linoleum and printing with ink by hand!

ProductsSoy wax candles mixed in small batches with scent combinations created by Quillon.

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round

(630) 485-8724

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james_gloria - James Muia_edited.jpg

Furious Sauces

James Muia

Epic award-winning hot sauces for your food, handcrafted to perfection.Their sauces come in various flavors and heat levels ranging from medium to super-hot! Enhance your meals with incredible flavor, today. Sweet or spicy, medium or hot, they've got you covered with a wide range of hot sauces that can be used for any meal imaginable. They have delicious maple, pineapple, and mango habanero hot sauces that pair well with breakfast, lunch or dinner and even desserts! If you prefer heat, try their signature ghost pepper sauce, or even hotter Carolina Reaper sauce, that is sure to deliver a delicious kick in the mouth.!

ProductsHand-crafted, bottled hot sauces

Availability: Saturdays April-December

(540) 227-4641

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Furious Sauces, hot sauce company in harrisonburg, va, owned by James Muia

Glen Eco Farm

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Marlin and Christine Burkholder

Linville, VA

Glen Eco Farm is a small produce farm in Linville, VA using mostly natural and sustainable cultivation methods to conserve soil and protect the natural environment.

ProductsEggs, vegetables, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb, paw paws, & pears. They do NOT use herbicides in their gardening. Pesticides are used on some crops. Customers say their eggs are “the best” due to the dark yellow yolks and taste.

Availability: Saturdays Regular Season

(540) 833-8802

Marlin and Christine Burkholder, owners of Glen Eco Farm harrisonburg, va
Bryce Blosser, owner of GlenDor Farms, and family harrisonburg, va beef

GlenDor Farms

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Bryce Blosser

GlenDor Farms is a local family farm, providing our community with affordable, naturally raised beef.

Productslocally-raised beef products, dog treats

(540) 383-3825

FreezKraft popsicle company owned by James Muia


James Muia

A subsidiary of Furious Sauces, Freezkraft makes delicious, hand crafted, premium ice pops. They strive in making unique flavors with the best ingredients available. No matter if you have a sweet tooth, or fancy a hot bite, you can always indulge in their variety and feed your monstrous craving!​

ProductsPremium ice pops. Flavors include: peanut butter banana, strawberry cheesecake, mint chocolate chip, pina colada, and so many more!

Availability: Saturdays April-end of September/October

(540) 227-4641

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Hawk Nest Farm

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Orv Lehman

Linville, VA

ProductsMushrooms grown organically in natural lighting outdoors, no spray. Open for tours!

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round


Mushrooms grown by Orv Lehman, owner of Hawk Nest farm harrisonburg, va mushrooms
Eric Heberling, owner of HEB Farm, and family. harrisonburg va turkey, eggs, chicken, poultry

HEB Farm

Eric Heberling 

Fort Defiance, VA

HEB Farm is a small regenerative farm in Fort Defiance, VA that primarily raises poultry for meat and eggs. Their secret ingredients to raising chickens and heritage breed turkeys are grass, bugs, and sunshine. Their animals are rotated through fresh pastures and are supplemented with non-gmo feeds from a local mill.

Products: Eggs, Chicken (whole and cuts), and Turkey (whole and cuts)

Availability: Tuesdays and some Saturdays         

(540) 236-2816

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Hickory Hill Farm

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Hannah Johnson

Hickory Hill Farm, located in Keezletown, has been growing high quality fruits and vegetables for over 40 years. Operated by the Johnson family, using no-spray, low-spray, and/or organic inputs.

Products: blueberries, grapes, tomatoes, peppers, and other produce

Availability: Saturdays June through September


Blueberries grown by Hannah Johnson at Hickork hill farm harrisonburg, va berries, blueberries, produce
Hott Apiary logo, owned by Mike Hott harrisonburg, va honey, pollen

Hott Apiary

Mike Hott

Hott Apiary sells local raw honey, comb honey, and pollen sourced from within a 30 mile radius of Harrisonburg.

Products: raw honey, comb honey, pollen, paintings

Availability: Tuesdays and Saturdays Regular & Holidays Seasons 

(540) 383-3323

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Kani's LLC, owned by Connie Gull harrisonburg, va middle eastern food, Kurdish food

Kani's LLC

Kani Gull

Kani's LLC is a local bakery specializing in Kurdish food.

Products: dessert, sandwiches, hot foods

Availability: Saturdays Regular Season 

(540) 271-4564

Hummingbird Creative

Cheri Greenfield

Hummingbird Creative, LLC, sells unique hand crafted items, including resin and bead earrings, leather handbags and small accessories, handmade textiles, and hand painted artwork. Each item is designed and created by Gracy Greenfield-McNaught, Chloe Greenfield-McNaught, and Cheri Greenfield. 

Products:  handmade jewelry, artwork, leather bags and accessories

Availability: Saturdays Mid-May through September

(540) 810-5313

  • Instagram

Knoll Acres Woodworking

Roman Miller

Knoll Acres Woodworking is owned by Roman Miller, a retired educator of 40 years. Roman and his wife, Elva maintain a small hobby farm in Harrisonburg where they raise Barbados Blackbelly sheep. If you are interested in their sheep you can find them here:

Products: Handcrafted wood products: toys, puzzles, plaques, puzzles, dollhouses

Availability: Tuesdays June through August

(540) 383-0281

Knoll Acres Woodworking, owned by Roman Miller, harrisonburg, va
Mary Jo Swartzenruber, owner of Mary Jo's Flowers, harrisonburg, va florist

Mary Jo's Flowers

Mary Jo Swartzendruber

Rockingham, VA

Mary Jo's Flowers is a 5-acre flower farm and design studio located north of Harrisonburg. They are committed to growing the highest quality flowers in a sustainable way. The flowers and foliage are grown without the use of chemicals and careful attention is given to building the soil. 

Products: Fresh cut flowers all season (bouquets, bunches, and by the stem) and plants in the spring. 

Availability: Saturdays May through October


MicroBite Farms

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Ian Young

MicroBite Farms specializes in nutrient-rich greens which pack a dense amount of health benefits into a small package.

Products: 15 varieties (and counting) of microgreens, shoots, and herbs.

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round

(267) 397-1621

MicroBite Farms owned by Ian Young harrisonburg, va microgreens
Mill Song Bakery owned by Nicolas Melas and family, harrisonburg, va bread, baker

Mill Song Bakery

Nicolas Melas

1130 Lincolnshire Dr, Rockingham VA

Mill Song Bakery is a bakery based in Rockingham, making bread every day from scratch. They use all Virginia and Pennsylvania grains and mill their flour fresh on a stone mill, using ancient grains, and leavening our breads with sourdough for flavor and nutrition. Stop by the market and try a sample

Products: Fresh, handmade bread, granola

Availability: Saturdays Year-Round


Mill Song Bakery Crepes

Ryan DeRamus

1130 Lincolnshire Dr, Rockingham VA

Mill Song Bakery Crepes specializes in fresh, hot crepes made fresh to order with several delicious sweet and savory toppings. Their crepe flour is milled fresh every week from grain grown in Rockingham County. All crepe ingredients are either local and/or organic except Nutella and Bonne Maman.

Products: a variety of delicious, made-to-order crepes

Availability: Saturdays Year-Round

(434) 218-8780

Mill Song Bakery Crepes owned by Ryan DeRamus, harrisonburg, va crepes
North Mountain produce owned by Curtis and Judith Yankey, harrisonburg, va farm

North Mountain Produce

Curtis and Judith Yankey

Timberville, VA

North Mountain Produce operates on a 10-acre farm in Timberville by Curtis Yankey, his wife Judith, sister Emily, and children. The Yankey family love being able to provide the community with fresh, healthy veggies every week!

Products: fresh vegetables and vegetable plants 

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round

Contact via email

North Valley Farm

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Josh and Bethany Gullman

20737 Bowers Lane, Broadway, VA, United States, Virginia

North Valley Pastures is a small family farm that raises pasture-based meats. Their Mission is to create healthy land, livestock and family through sustainably produced meat and eggs.

ProductsGrass fed beef and Pastured chicken, baked goods, eggs, egg noodles.

Availability: Saturdays Year-Round


North Valley Farm, North Valley Pastures, owned by Josh and Bethany Gullman harrisonburg, va farm
Oasis Fine Art and Craft owned by Sally Rigway, harrisonburg, va craft store

OASIS Fine Art and Craft

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Sally Ridgway

103 N Main St, Harrisonburg, VA

OASIS is a co-op Art and Craft Gallery consisting of local artist and their handcrafted creations. This includes but not limited to Glass work, pottery, paintings, jewelry, photography, fiber work, woodworking and metal art.

Availability: Saturdays April through October


Port Farm

David Sutton

7508 Scott Lane, Port Republic, VA

Part Farm is run by Dave Sutton, who loves talking to folks about wood turning, techniques used for growing potted plants, and taking care of honeybees and producing honey.

Products: Produce, herbs, potted plants, and food safe wooden bowls rolling pins, cutting boards, honey, and more!

Availability: Saturdays Regular Season 


Portwood Farm owner by Evan Showalter, harrisonburg, organic

Portwood Acres

Evan Showalter

 6123 Lawyer Road, Port Republic VA

Portwood Acres is a certified-organic farm based in Port Republic, VA.

Products: Farmstead Cheeses, Sweet Corn, Fall Cole crops: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Romanesco and Cabbage. Their products are Certified Organic. 

Availability: Corn Season & Fall


Pure Shenandoah

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Abner Johnson

154 W Spotswood Ave, Elkton, VA 

Pure Shenandoah is a family owned, grass roots Hemp & CBD company that started with the vision of utilizing the entirety of the plant to bring a sustainable and carbon negative future. By educating communities and building a positive culture, they plan to make an impact that supports the generations to come. Serving everyone a dose of goodness, for a lifetime of wellness.

Products: A variety of hemp and CBD products, and much more!

Availability: Saturdays Regular & Holiday Seasons

Contact Via Email

Pure Shenandoah, owned by Abner Johnson and family, harrisonburg, va hemp, CBD
Ryans Fruit Market and Orchards, owned by Patrick and Rebecca Ryan, harrisonburg, va fruit, farm, art

Ryan's Fruit Market and Orchards

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  • Instagram

Patrick Ryan

18653 N Mountain Rd, Timberville, VA 22853

Ryan's Fruit Market and Orchards is a ninth generation owned Fruit Orchard specializing in growing . They strive to take very good care of the land and provide healthy food to our community.

Products: peaches, apples, cherries, and a wide variety of vegetables, flowers and wild foraged mushrooms

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round

(540) 209-4796

Season's Bounty Farm

  • Facebook
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Radell and Sarah Schrock

Rockingham, VA

Season's Bounty Farm provides all kinds of garden produce grown locally without the use of any pesticides to provide healthy, colorful, tasty, fresh produce for the local community.

Products: seasonal produce, spring flowers

Availability: Tuesdays April through August, Saturdays April through November

(540) 908-5399

Seasons Bounty Farm owned by Radell and Sarah Shrock, harrisonburg, va farm

Staff of Life Bread

  • Facebook

Amy B. Wild

Harrisonburg, VA

Staff of Life Bread Company is a local woman-owned, woman-created artisanal bread bakery. Locally sourced fruits, nuts, herbs, beer and grains are joined by commercially sourced items and their flours are non-GMO certified and non-bromated with zero preservatives. Commercially produced yeast as well as their house sourdough are used to leven all Staff of Life Breads which are a 2-3 day process to make. Taking online orders and special orders as staffing allows. Celebrating 17 years of making delicious bread in the Shenandoah Valley!

Products: European inspired yeasted breads, buns, focaccia and brioche

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Year-Round

Staff of Life Bread, Shenandoah Bakery LLC, owned by Amy Wild, harrisonburg, va bakery, bread
Big Elm Mushroom from Shenandoah Mushrooms, owned by Joe Holmes, harrisonburg, va mushrooms

Shenandoah Mushroom

  • Instagram

Joe Holmes

Bridgewater, VA

Shenandoah Mushroom serves up freshly picked gourmet mushrooms grown locally in nearby Bridgewater!

Products: mushrooms by the pound, mushroom plant starts

Availability: Saturdays March through November

Contact via email

Sugar and Bean Baking Company, owned by Heather Benin, harrisonburg, va cafe, coffee, bakery

Sugar & Bean Baking Company and Cafe

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Heather Benin

318 N Main Street, Bridgewater, VA

Sugar and Bean are proud to serve unique items that are a result of the collaboration of their multi-talented staff, family and friends. Their creations are ever evolving from the tried and true favorites, like their all-fruit smoothies to weekly new specials.

Products: Espresso drinks, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, soups and a variety of baked treats

Availability: Saturdays Year-Round


Sunnyfield Farm

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Marina Dronov

Linville, VA

Sunnyfield Farm is a small family farm with their kids by their side, helping them with daily activities of farm life. They grow "baby" ginger and turmeric along with other fresh vegetables for bulk and wholesale. Why "baby"? Because it is grown to a young tender stage for the best fresh, juicy, plump root. The root doesn’t need peeling because it is harvested before it forms a thick fibrous outer skin that is typically sold in supermarkets.

Products:  Pickled ginger, Pickled turmeric, turmeric marmalade, soap, chicken and duck eggs, a variety of pickles pickled pepper slices. 

Availability: Saturdays Year-Round 


Sunnyfield Farm, owned by Marina Dronov and family, harrisonburg, va pickles, fermenting
The Long Acre Farm, owned by Cody and Paige Wilmer, harrisonburg, va elderberry, lemonade, farm

The Long Acre Farm

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Cody and Paige Wilmer

Grottoes, VA

The Long Acre Farm is a Virginia Century Farm, meaning that it has been actively and continuously farmed for at least 100 years. It has been owned and run by Cody & Paige Wilmer since 2016. They are primarily an elderberry farm, growing 9 varieties: six American, two European and one cross. They harvest both the flowers and berries, using them all for their syrups and honeys. They are a no-spray farm that uses mushroom compost fertilizer.

ProductsElderberry lemonade, syrups, honey

Availability: Saturdays April through December

Contact via phone

The Natural Garden

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Margaret Bateson

Harrisonburg, VA

The Natural Garden is an ecological design-build company that offers a wide selection of native plants to create a living landscape for our clients. Their nursery supplies high quality trees, shrubs, perennial flowers, ferns, sedges, and more to their retail markets as well as to their landscaping and habitat restoration clients.

Products: Native plants

Availability: Saturdays April through October

(540) 321-8762

The Natural Garden logo, owned by Ivy Makia, harrisonburg, va native plants, gardening
Thistle Hill Pet Treats, owned by Jennifer Wiatrowski, harrisonburg, va pet treats, pet accessories

Thistle Hill Pet Treats

  • Instagram

Jennifer Wiatrowski

Staunton, VA

Thistle Hill Pet Treats makes wholesome treats and accessories using all natural ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible to keep your pup looking and feeling their best! 

Products: baked treats, bandanas, leash accessories

Availability: Tuesdays & Saturdays Regular & Holiday Season 

Contact via email

Ulmer's Mountain View Farm

Robin Ulmer

Mount Solon, VA

Ulmer's Mountain View Farm is a family farm based in Mount Solon, VA, specializing in hydroponic vegetables

Products: hydroponic tomatoes, English cucumbers, bell peppers and variety of garden vegetables, and strawberries in season. 

Availability: Saturdays April through October

Contact via Email

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Ulmers Mountain View Farm, owned by Robin Ulmer, Harrisonburg, va farm, hydroponic
White Oak Lavender Farm and The Purple WOLF Vineyard, owned by Julie Haushalter and family. Harrisonburg, va lavender, vineyard, wine

White Oak Lavender Farm & Purple Wolf Vineyard

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Julie Haushalter

5160 Newcomer Lane, Rockingham, VA

White Oak Lavender Farm is a family-owned lavender farm growing grapes and lavender, specializing in lavender products and wine. The intense care that they put into growing lavender creates a relaxing farm with high end products for their customers.

Products: Bath & body products made with lavender essential oil, culinary & soft goods made with flower buds, plants in season and a wide variety of wine.

Availability: Saturdays Regular & Holiday Se


Wild Altar Farmstead

Jordan Fust

405 Lake Rd Stuarts Draft, VA 24477

Wild Altar Farmstead is a polyrhythmic dance of eating, being, and building where cultivating food is their point of (re)entry into wider worlds of ancestral connection, place-based self-sufficiency, and creative actualization. They invite community to gather and deepen into our shared responsibility for the health of our local ecosystems, the provision of our basic needs, and the vitality that radiates from food sovereignty. Growing and eating good, wild and feral foods is their path through which many others intersect and share.

Products: locally milled grains such as meals, flours and grits, herb and smoke-cleansing bundles, art and prints, and much more! They also provide interactive events and classes at their farm in Stuarts Draft

Availability: Saturdays Regular & Holiday Seasons

(540) 290-1136

  • Instagram
Wild Altar Farmstead, owned by Jordan Fust, harrisonburg, va farm
Woods Edge Harm, owned by Elaine Hoover Nolt, harrisonburg, va farm, livestock

Woods Edge Farm LLC

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Elaine Hoover Nolt

Harrisonburg, VA

Wood Edge Farm is a family-run farm specializing in a wide variety of seasonal livestock and produce available year-round.

Products:  Eggs from pastured chickens, pasture-raised beef. Value added products including jams, jellies, tomato sauce, pizza sauce, salsa, pickles, applesauce, pickled beets. Vegetables grown include: tomatoes, lettuces, spinach, kale, swiss chard, arugula, Asian greens mix, broccoli, beets, carrots, cucumbers, scallions, onions, leeks, garlic, potatoes, celery, sweet potatoes, peas, peppers, radishes, squash, zucchini, rhubarb and more. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries & currants.

Availability: Saturdays Year-Round 


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