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Abundant Life Kitchen

Kate Hinderer

Abundant Life Kitchen is a Shenandoah Valley based business specializing in raw, vegan, and gluten-free foods made from local and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Products: Salads, Wraps, Energy Bites, Granola, Cheezecakes, Hummus, Soups, Sauces, Potato Salad

Availability: Tuesday Markets


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Agape Mycology

Eric Fisher

Agape Mycology is a local farm specializing in high quality medicinal mushroom extracts and gourmet edible fresh and dried mushrooms.

Products: Multiple varieties of fresh and dried mushrooms

Availability: All-year


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Matt Sibley

Apalache Chocolate makes artisan chocolate bars from bean to bar with creative flavor combinations. Their chocolate bars are made from scratch starting with organic ethically sourced cacao nibs from cooperative farms in Perú. The nibs are then toasted and ground before the chocolate is hand tempered, molded and wrapped.

Products: Chocolate bars (61%,71%, and 80% dark, ghost pepper, orange, lemon cardamom, turmeric coconut, earl grey blueberry, vanilla sea salt, cinnamon and more!)

Availability: year round


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Avalon Acres

Lorinda and Solly Palin 

13433 Shepherd Lane Broadway, VA 22815

At Avalon Acres, Solly and Lorinda tend 17 acres with one acre in cultivation for the vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers they sell at market. They use regenerative, hand till, companion planting, natural mulch, all organic practices. They make their own compost and biochar. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used for over 27 years.

Products: Salad mix, greens, seasonal produce, eggs, floral bouquets, and a variety of herbal teas, rubs, and tinctures.


Availability: April through first Saturday in December 

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PorkStork_final - Doug Zemanek.png

Basel LLC

Frauke Bruns

Basel LLC/PorkStork sells pork and beef raised by neighborhood farmers following  ethical and humane welfare standards.

Products: Pork chops, shoulder roast, ribs, pork belly, 15 different sausage flavors and 4 different kinds of bacon.

Availability: year round

(862) 377-4761

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Bruce's Syrups and Candies

Bruce Folks

P. O. Box 120 Blue Grass, VA 24413 

Products: Maple Syrup, maple products, fudges, pies, cakes, cookies, brownies and more. We welcome special requests, bulk, and pre-orders.


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Burton Photography

Kyle Anne Burton

Products: We feature Virginia's past and present presented in antique wooden window frames. If you are looking for the most interesting photograph in the area, we have it.


Central Shenandoah Valley Master Gardener

Keala Timko

PO Box 2575, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Services: We offer gardening solutions, education, and information. We are part of Virginia Cooperative Extension. We offer free answers and solutions to the public's gardening questions, plant and insect diagnostics, and horticulture education. There are no stupid questions!

Contact via Email

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Flannel Firefly

Quillon Hall

Harrisonburg, Va

Products: Soy wax candles mixed in small batches with scent combinations created by Quillon. We only use American-made products for materials (wax, tins, and fragrances). Quillon makes the labels by carving blocks of linoleum and printing with ink by hand!


Christine Legg

Products: Hand-crafted throw pillows, pocket mitts, placement mats, and table runners made from authentic woven traditional fabrics. We support local communities in Africa and reach out to disadvantaged children in the US.


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Marlin and Christine 2012 IMG_4581.jpg

Glen Eco Farm

Marlin and Christine Burkholder

10943 Wills Creek Road, Linville, VA

Products: Eggs, vegetables, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb, paw paws, & pears. We do NOT use herbicides in our gardening. Pesticides are used on some crops. Customers tell us that our eggs are “the best” due to the dark yellow yolks and taste.

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Green Valley Nutrition

Ethan Pompeo

PO Box 6245, Harrisonburg, VA

Products: VIRGINIA'S TRUSTED & TESTED CBD OIL. Proudly grown, processed, and manufactured in Charlottesville! Green Valley Nutrition offers a comprehensive line of CBD Oil Drops and Topical products specially formulated to produce a fast-acting, consistent, and precise consumption experience for you—every time. Our pharmacist-developed, clinically studied cannabinoid technology and unprecedented testing and labeling standards give you confidence that you are getting the best CBD Oil available. 


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Hawk Nest Farm

Orv Lehman

5947 Harpine Hwy, Linville, VA 22834

Products: Mushrooms grown organically in natural lighting outdoors, no spray. We're happy to do farm tours; come visit us!


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Herban Avenues

Laura Devimes

Products: Herbal teas, dried herbs and seasoning blends, remedies, aroma therapeutic bath and body. 100% plant-based products and teas are made using certified organic ingredients.


Blueberry Festival Booth.jpg

Hickory Hill Farm

Hannah Johnson

Keezletown, VA

Products: Blueberries, sorghum molasses, Concord table grapes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, chilies, onions, garlic.


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Hummingbird Creative

Cheri Greenfield

Products: We sell handmade jewelry, artwork, leather bags and accessories. Our products are artfully designed and hand-created, with attention to process and detail. We are two unique individuals, and we generate unique products!

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Jerry's Gourmet Berries and Ferments

Jerry L. Fields

633 Wisman Rd. Woodstock, VA

Products: Berries, Ferments, Aronia Products and healthy snacks. We specialize in fermentation and the phytochemicals in them.


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LG's Elixer

Lesly Gourdet

Products: Medicinal remedy; Our product has a long shelf life unlike other juices and it only takes 1oz of Elixir to boost your day! Whether your body or mind needs a reset, this juice takes care of issues such as inflammation to anxiety.  Customers should know that everything LG'S Elixir does is about healing community by bringing a holistic aide to your home.

Contact via Email

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Mary Jo's Flowers

Mary Jo Swartzendruber

Rockingham, VA

Products: Fresh cut flowers all season (bouquets, bunches, and by the stem) and plants in the spring. Mary Jo's Flowers is a 5-acre flower farm and design studio located north of Harrisonburg. We are committed to growing the highest quality flowers in a sustainable way. The flowers and foliage are grown without the use of chemicals and careful attention is given to building the soil. 


Mill Song Bakery

Nicolas Melas

1130 Lincolnshire Dr, Rockingham VA

Products: Naturally-leavened whole grain breads. We use all Virginia and Pennsylvania grains and mill our flour fresh on a stone mill. We use ancient grains and leaven our breads with sourdough for flavor and nutrition. Feel free to try a sample if you like!


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North Valley Farm

Josh Gullman

20737 Bowers Ln, Broadway, VA

Products: Grass fed beef and Pastured chicken. We are a small family farm that raises pasture based meats.


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OASIS Fine Art and Crafts

Sally Ridgway

103 N Main St, Harrisonburg, VA

Products: OASIS is a co-operative Gallery. There is a variety of handcrafted items sold and are created by OASIS members. These items could include hand woven baskets, pottery, jewelry, glass craft, hand woven socks and other art items. Each item sold at the market is specially handcrafted by one of our local OASIS artist members. OASIS has been a co-operative member run Gallery residing at 103 South Main Harrisonburg for over 20years. We have approximately 35 artist who sell their handcrafted creations. Hope to see you there!


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Port Farm

David Sutton

7508 Scott Lane, Port Republic, VA

Products: Wood turnings, potted plants, honey, and produce. Using locally sourced wood for wood turnings. Mix raw materials for potting soil. Use only wild caught swarms of honeybees for honey production. Use of organic mulching for produce production. I enjoy talking to folks about wood turning, techniques used for growing potted plants, and taking care of honeybees and producing honey.


Portwood Acres

Evan Showalter

 6123 Lawyer Road, Port Republic VA

Products: Farmstead Cheeses, Sweet Corn, Fall Cole crops: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Romanesco and Cabbage. Our products are Certified Organic. Our cheeses are also certified grass-fed and made with raw milk. We have a self-serve store on our farm. Our mission is to honor our Heavenly Father as we produce food for you the way we would/do for ourselves.



Rachel Jane's Jam and Berries

Rachel Jane Effinger

2430 Tinkling Springs Rd

Products: Various jams, fruit butters, and marmalades all made with my fruit or local fruit, garlic, and berries in season. All the fruit in the jams is either from my farm or from local farms/orchards as well as many of the ingredients used in the jams such as ginger, lavender, maple syrup, chocolate and more!! We LOVE flavor and hopefully you can tell by our unique jam flavor choices!!


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Staff of Life Bread

Amy B. Wild

Harrisonburg, VA

Products: Staff of Life Bread is a wholesale producer of artisanal European-influenced bread and buns featuring a variety of whole grains, nuts, seeds & fruits, utilizing commercial and natural leaveners, local herbs and fruits when available, many organic ingredients and non-bromated flours. We employ locally and support smaller vendors in addition to giving back to our city by supporting local food pantries. The Staff of Life Bread bakery is not a retail location but does offer curb-side pick up of online orders. We hope to expand in the near future with your ongoing support.

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Sugar & Bean Baking Company and Cafe

Heather Benin

318 N Main Street, Broadway, VA

Products: Espresso drinks, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, soups and a variety of baked treats; We are proud to serve unique items that are a result of the collaboration of our multitalented staff, family and friends. Our creations are ever evolving from the tried and true favorites, like our all fruit smoothies to weekly new specials.


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Sunnyfield Farm

Marina Dronov

Linville, VA

Products:  Pickled ginger, Pickled turmeric, turmeric marmalade, soap, chicken and duck eggs, pickled pepper slices. For your morning eggs try pickled turmeric or ginger with our fresh chicken or duck eggs. Pickled or turmeric marmalade pairs well with cream cheese on crackers, cottage cheese or added to smoothies. Another way to incorporate ginger and turmeric in your diet is to try pickled ginger, pickled turmeric, turmeric marmalade, and ginger syrup.


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The Lovin' Crab

Angel Trujillo

Products: We specialize in Fresh Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Cakes. You can take them home and cook or freeze them. You can also enjoy them onsite. We cook them fresh and serve it as a sandwich on an organic brioche bun with our house made remoulade or lemon aioli sauce. Want to try something new? We also have a crab cake grilled cheese sandwich on the menu along with our seasonal soups. We carry our famous Crab & Shrimp Bisque and Veggie Gazpacho depending on the weather. It's super fresh and the best crab cake in the Valley! You can also find us at your local winery events and festival.

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The Natural Garden

Ivy Makia

Products: Native plants; We sell only plants that are native to the Shenandoah Valley. We also offer old-world stonework and meadow installation. Our plants are available for sale at the Friendly City Food Coop (daily, April to October). We design native plant landscapes and stonework year-round. Contact for more information.


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Natural Garden Logo - oval.jpg

The Prince Gallery

Valentin Prince

Harrisonburg, VA

Products: We specialize in curating vintage paper ephemera! Antique maps, botanicals, time-worn technical illustrations, woodblock prints, and more. We also stock many tasteful, modern reproductions of classic images. 


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Ulmer's Mountain View Farm

Robin Ulmer

Mount Solon, VA

Products: We sell hydroponic tomatoes, English cucumbers, bell peppers and variety of garden vegetables, and strawberries in season. We specialize in hydroponic vegetables.

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Ulmer's Mt. View Farm.png

White Oak Lavender Farm & Purple Wolf Vineyard

Julie Haushalter

5160 Newcomer Lane, Rockingham, VA

Products: Bath & body products made with lavender essential oil, culinary & soft goods made with flower buds, plants in season & wine. The intense care that we put into growing lavender developing a relaxing farm with high end products for our customers.


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Widow's Watch Cider

Gloria Frigola

Edinburg, VA

Products: Cider. Farm grown heritage apples, elaborated on site into artisan cider. Our ciders are made from apple varieties that were in America prior to the revolution, so we refer to them as colonial ciders.


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Woods Edge Farm LLC

Elaine Hoover Nolt

3930 Cromer RD, Harrisonburg, VA

Products: Year round organic growers of vegetables and berries. Also eggs from our pastured chickens and valve added products including jams, jellies, tomato sauce, pizza sauce, salsa, pickles, applesauce, pickled beets. Vegetables grown include: tomatoes, lettuces, spinach, kale, swiss chard, arugula, Asian greens mix, broccoli, beets, carrots, cucumbers, scallions, onions, leeks, garlic, potatoes, celery, sweet potatoes, peas, peppers, radishes, squash, zucchini, rhubarb and more. In berries we grow strawberries, blueberries, blackberries & currants.


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